The Print Mount Company, Inc.
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Our skilled crafts­men begin with your fine art print or photograph, certificate or diploma, map or computer output.  You choose from a selection of six surface finishes; Gloss (attractive satin-gloss), Satin Matte (smooth, reduced-glare), Matte (smooth, non-glare), Linen (classic laid finish), Canvas (natural woven appearance) and Heavy Canvas (simulated painting). The protective lami­nate is applied to the surface of the artwork.  This layer safeguards your print or photo from the ravaging effects of the environment; dirt, dust, even the harmful UV rays of sunlight. PRINT MOUNT offers more choices than our competition.

Your laminated print is next permanently bonded to 1/8” masonite and fitted with a 3/4" box frame.  The piece is then shaped with a 45˚ bevel and finish-sanded.  Thermofoiled “paint” is applied to the beveled edge in the final step.  This finished edge is available in your choice of three standard colors.  Your completed BOXMOUNT™ stands 7/8" away from the wall.  It is individually packaged with styrofoam corners and shrink-wrapped for protection in handling and transport.


All work is received and completed at our facility in Smithfield, Rhode Island. Custom “mat” treatments are available; we “float” your artwork by mounting it first to matboard, then finish as usual.  Call for details.

Your pieces can be custom labeled with your shop’s name and address at no additional expense, or we can apply your specialized label, if provided.