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For a long time there has been significant debate in the industry about the various mounting choices available to the commercial framer or photographer.  At the heart of the issue is the question of what type of adhesive to use and what techniques, procedures and systems should be employed for the specific adhesive chosen.  The overriding concerns are, of course, that the adhesive in question does the best job possible and that it is economical to use.

Our acid-free SURE MOUNT® universal mounting adhesive answers all the fundamental concerns and requirements of today’s professional – PLUS!  In addition to providing an economical, top quality bond to virtually all common mounting materials, including “chipboard” and fabrics, SURE MOUNT® remains reversible at all times, is acid-free/pH neutral, will not age or undergo harmful decomposition, is unaffected by heat or humidity, contains no solvents, requires no ventilation, is non-toxic and completely safe to use, sets up quickly for immediate framing and sale, and, best of all, SURE MOUNT® offers the widest choice possible of application.  Roll, brush or spray SURE MOUNT® to suit your individual production needs.

SURE MOUNT® provides the ultimate in low-cost/high-volume mounting when used in conjunction with a vacuum press.  If you don’t presently have a press, SURE MOUNT® can be used in combination with a brayer and/or be left to dry under weighted glass with excellent results.  As your mounting volume increases, you may want to add a top quality, professional PRINT MOUNT VACUUM PRESS for a thoroughly integrated mounting system.  With the vacuum press, drying/set time is reduced, the adhesive is distributed evenly and air bubbles and wrinkles disappear simply and quickly in one time-saving step.

Whether your mounting needs are large or small, if you’re mounting posters or photographs, canvas or silk, paper stock, foamboard or SURE MOUNT® wood, will provide the economical bond you demand.  Order today and see why SURE MOUNT® is the all-purpose mounting adhesive for the picture framing and photographic industries.


All natural vegetable starch, water miscible, neutral pH, non-toxic, with no odor or solvent.  Will not crack yellow or deteriorate over time.  Remains water soluble/reversible at all times.  After set, SURE MOUNT® is unaffected by heat, sunlight or humidity.  Coverage:  300-400 square feet/US gallon.


Paper, fabric, chipboard, foamboard, photographs, wood, upson board, masonite, etc.  Not recommended for sheepskin or other materials containing natural oils.


Apply SURE MOUNT®  to substrate (for photos, coat the back of the print) with a foam or low-nap roller, foam brush, trowel or spray gun.  Apply artwork as soon as possible (allow adhesive to tack first when mounting fine fabrics, rice paper or newsprint).  Place under weight or in vacuum press for 15-30 seconds (longer for fabrics if you desire adhesive to set).  Frame artwork after 15-30 minute open drying time.  Countermount with Kraft paper, if necessary.


Separable after initial contact.   If set, soak in water or peel most of the substrate off artwork from back and soak remaining off with wet towels, or mist with water.


SURE MOUNT® is easily cleaned from applicator (brush, roller, etc) with water.


Sore in cool environment.  Shelf life over 1 year. SURE MOUNT® is freeze/thaw stable and can be restored to original “cream-like” consistency by adding a few drops of water if it becomes pasty over time.

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